Donating to the BNL

Why donate to The Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Laboratory?

For a myriad of factors:

  1. You simply find our research interesting and want us to continue with it so you may follow along.
  2. You understand the implications of our work and undestand what it can mean for changing the world.
  3. You are personally affected by the outcome of our work.
  4. Or... most importantly, since the National Instutitute of Health has less monetary reserves to fund projects, many labs simply are stopping their work due to financial constraints. Crowd-funding research at first may seem like a strange concept, and yet sites like have been immensely succcessful in funding (and in some cases overfunding) projects undertaken by everyday people. So how is research any different?

Ways of Donating

  1. To donate through the CU Foundation, please go here:
  2. To donate through Benefunder, go here:

This donation is not tax-deductable, but we assure you that donations received directly fund the research we are conducting and no single individual is standing to benefit from your donation.


You may simply just donate to the general lab account setup through the University of Colorado's foundation page (by clicking above), or visit a project page, view the project of interest and click the appropriate donation link specific to each individual project. In any case, you will be directed to the University of Colorado Foundation's secured donation page. As a token of our gratitude, we will be planning on acknowledging donors who back the lab and each individual project by name (you may omit this option). Additionally, we will automatically sign you up for our regular mailing list and keep you up-to-date on the latest progress we've made, findings, and any newly undertaken projects. We sincerely appreciate your support!

Article Last Updated: 02-26-2016
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